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Team Update: 4/16/2018

Welcome Everyone

Hello Every member of Team “Gotyourback815” as you all know each and every battle we stride to get better and better as you can see we have done a great job every since we combined our teams together in mid-July 2016 we have lost members and then we have picked up some key players that have helped out along the way.  We, We as a team I mean scored 14792 points last battle but I can’t express enough that everyone contributed to that total, even if you take the top five scorers it only totals 6905 points so without the hard fought efforts and dedication that EVERYONE has done on this team we would not have made it to even the top ten so I will say it again Thank you everyone for your hard work and decication that you do on a everyday basis.  We did’t make top 5 this time but I believe we will very soon.  One more thing we have been very open to having everone to voice opinions and such,  but if it has to deal with something you don’t like, something you think needs to be changed, etc.  don’t say it on the regurlar message chat that’s in the Paradise Coves App. Please use our own Private Email At: gyb815@gmail.com I would rather you send the message there so Santi and I could view it and get back to you,  I don’t want anyone to get affended or get the wrong message.

Let’s enjoy the holidays have fun and keep this team strong.  If you have any commets questions or concerns feel free to contact us.          Email  gyb815@gmail.com

 Thank You!

As we learn more, we can post it here come back frequently to remember older tips and see new information.

As you can see in the menu, there is a page called “Team Updates” where we will post updates and other information when it comes up.  If there are known issues, I will post them there if I’m home.  Otherwise I will post in the Chat in the game.

If you have any feedback feel free to use the “contact us” page to summit questions, tips,  concerns, and/or  any other issues.