NorthernTigers Guild

Welcome all NorthernTigers Guild players my name is Scott yes the same Scott that has been on your team with my second profile. I’m also the leader of the guild: gotyourback815 we are a top 5 team in the battles competing for top 2-8 ships all the time, we started off as a smaller group we got better and better added some key players then we really got boosted up when we merged up with team guild: “covemostwanted” we went from ranked top 24 to 14 and beyond, we developed this website for everyone to learn new tips and tricks and also put in their own feedback on tips and tricks they have learned.  we are a layed back easy going team also communicating and looking out for each other 

after talking to Trevor about the possibilities of helping eachother out to strenghten our guilds it seamed like a no brainer, so this is kinda of a breakdown of how the rules are:

We require players to have fun!!! very important

Be at least level 50 or higher otherwise our guild cant accept you because it was setup at level 50

Score at least 250 points or more and “hint’ the more points you score the more likely you will be selected to  comeback on our team for another battle

Communicate with teammates have fun do your best if you have problems during battle let us know.  Also you can Email us at: with any question 

Communication is key in the transfer process the officers on both teams need to know whos comes over and whos going back so we don’t accidently accept the wrong person and then theres not enough room on team for player.  So for instance if a player comes from team guild: northerntigers our officers need to know who to look for and not to accept anyone else.  Also on the other side make sure other team leaves a spot open for their return after their battle there will probaly be many more changess to this maybe depending how it goes and the leaders and officers can discuss how it went.  down the road the hope is we can really benifit from each other and hope that we can reach you to a new level and you can boost us to a new level.


Each Monday strarts a new week of quest and we know wheather there is a individual battle reg. Battle or points event. if you are accepted to come over to our team for acertain battle to need to sign up with us and apply no later than early Thursday the day before battle event strarts but if you wait to long and apply thursday night the system might cut you off from appyling so its importamt not to forget this step.  also you can not leave your current guild if you are currenly in a guild event battle etc.   we dont want someone to leave and not be able to get 

Email us at: with any questions 

What is the advantage of doing this:

1. Your going to get at leaast a top 10 ship but more likely a top 5 ship or better

2. All the extra equipment 

3. All the extra Keys which also helps get more equipmeent etc.

4. All the extra one hour repair boost 8 in total 

5. 12 one time boost officer’s cannonball  1340 A 1340 D

After battle is over you can goback to other team with your new ship and prizes that will help streghten your fleet 


Q. Can muiltiple players go over at once?

A. Only if  leader of both guilds approve it

Q. Can I go over to other team more than once?

A. yes if you qualify, we will determin the details later on 

Q. if I feel I can’t get up to the minimum 250 points but will put some can i goto third guild: gotyourback2?

A. yes that is what the third one was made for