Tips and Tricks

Again everyone has their own way of doing things on this game. also so these tips and tricks are just that not everyone will do it this way but there might be a trick or tip that helps you learn something and thats the whole point.  I will also post tips and tricks from the forums directly from the Paradise Coves website. 

Tip #1 have fun 

To Start Guild Battles You must be at level 15

Collecting coins from houses and merchants      After you have reached level “17" there is a simple way to collect them without having to tap everything all you need to do is “Shake, your Device” both on ipad or iPhone and then tap ok, that also will show you everything you collected. 

To Start going to other worlds You must reach  

level  50 "Pirate Cove”

Level 70 "Mermaid Cove”  Can do Mermaid Quest

Level 75 "Mystery Cove"

First Week of the Month you can Buy a Ruby Tree

Remember the first week of the month you have an option to buy trees that give you 4 rubies every 4 days It is located in the Main Menu under: “decorations” or most of the time it will just pop up when you load the App.  it cost 199 rubies you can buy up to 3 trees at a time and your first purchase you receive 10 rubies back for purchasing it plus you get the initail 4 rubies for collecting the first time.

Note: Some times you can buy the Black Pearl Tree for 99 Rubies that gives you 2 black pearls every 12 hours


Each Monday if you go into the decorations you can  pickup your 20 rubies for only 500 coins.  after you purchase the decoration and place it in your cove you will recieve your Rubies.

Get Free Rubies besides the ones you get from watching Ads, In the Portal Of Worlds 

1. go into Montezuma world

2. Look for the flooting World Traveller Balloon 

3. keep looking until you find the similair chest with 

48,000 coins 2 ruby and 6 or 10 ruby

finally keep spinning the first chest for your free spin unlike the mermaid spin you can select any one after a while you will spin and see the "9 Red rocks” you will recieve a free ruby.  if you get one that has “6 Red Rocks” you get 2 free rubies. That’s so far the only one I have seen that gives rubies

win extra ruby

Free ship every tuesday takes 2 days to complete.

1/4 Step 1. 2 voyages, 2 mermaid spins, and 7 hr building/decoration 

2/4. Step 2. tap on 2 sea monsters, collect from houses, 9 hr building/decoration

3/4 Step 3. collect from merchants, Houses, with 10 hr  building/decoration   

4/4 Step 4. Collect from merchants, houses,  with 14 Hr  building/decoration 

we all should get this ship weekly if you time it out right it should not even cost any rubies it’s a 1.3k ship but it’s a extra ship.

Battle event Tips & Tricks

#1 Keep your best ship equipped with 3 cannons and use it first with the Strategic Fight button on all 1 skull opponents.  Many of those battles you will win without wasting a ship.  If you get a message two kills or 5 rubies, Just say no (unless you have a multiplier and want to spend the rubies). then change ships to one with less fire power.  This way you use your best ship muiltple times and never have to repair it.

#2 Reward or Plunder From Defeating opponents 

FullSizeRender 4

When your about to battle a ship, the possible rewards will show up. Most of the times the plunder will be pearls, sapphires, emeralds, keys, and even black pearls. Most of the time you will get pearls and another reward. What I do when I get pearls, sapphire or emeralds I close the battle screen and then select the battle screen again. Most of the time you will get a different reward, I like to switch my rewards to keys and black pearls. Black pearls to upgrade ships and keys to use for the mystery chest.

FullSizeRender 3

#3 This is what I do durning Guild Battles 

This is based on around 300 ships 26 6hr repair or less 76 9hr repair ships and 23 10 hr repair ships 

I keep my top three ships maxed with cannons then equip all rest of ships will two cannons and one Hull.

depending on the points schedule I do this for first 5 battles

 I never use my top ship in battle unless i get a Multipler 

For battle one I use all 10 hr, 6,5,4,3, 30 min repair ships and i use around 20 to 30  9 hr repair ships and a few 8 hr ships except for top ship

for battle two I use most of my 9hr 8, 3, 30 Min hr repair ships

For Battle Three at this point I only have around 20-30 8hr ships but all my 6, and 5 Hr repair ships should be ready or closed to ready. So I use remainder of ships except for top ship.

Battle Four by this battle my my first set of 9hr repair ships are ready and I use some of the 8hr Ships also.

Battle five, now the 10hr repair ships are ready and i use them along with 9,8, hour 

Note: if I  get a muiltiplier during any of the battles before I do use more ships than normal and adjust later. also because my top three ships are almost the same they are alomost interchangeable meaning if I stagger them based on needing them for muiltpliers i will always have a Top ship to use for Strategic Quick Fight

The rest of the event I go by when my ships are finished repairing Battle rewared Points, etc.  I always try make sure most all my ships are ready togo on final battles or high point totals. 

I always use the Strategic Quick Fight to A.  to get as many  Free Wins as possible and B. shows me how strong the ships is i’m going against based on how strong it is I try using weakest ships first but then I use my stronger ships when i need to.    

Dumping Ships

Theres a couple of reasons why you would want to dump ship and dump them fast.

1. in a Guild or Ind. Battle you get a 2x3xor 4x multiplier Also I look to see how long the muiltipler is, sometimes if you start out with a 4 or 3 x you will get another followup 2x mulitplier after that just depends.

2. you are busy and you want to dump ships but still get some points up on the board.

All of you top ships get used first so planout what you want to do and experiment on what ever works for you.

Now even though you might have a muiltiplier you still might not get s many points as if you had the full hour to battle and get some of the free points.

This is asuming that you have your ships equiped already and all you have to do is battle.

I try to tier my top three ships so I always have a top ship or a low cost ship ready for battles.

So The first battle I would use one or two of top ships but not all three depending on how i start.                                                  the next battle I would still keep my top ship but use second top ship.  Note: I have tried to keep all three top ships almost at same strength that way they are truely top ships at different times.

OK right after you win 

You normally change your ship and select the new one you want to use well thats what I do if I’m just playing it out right. When you are dumping ships because of multiplier or other reason you would instead of selecting a new ship after a win, you would press the “Quick Fight” button Then:

quick battle dump ships pt 1

you would press the X on the top upper right

and quickly hit the 

quick battle dump ships pt 2

"Quick Fight Button" Again as fast as possible

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until muiltipler is over, Ships are gone, or if the multipler switches to keys instead of event points, but if you still want to use the dump ships method to get alot of keys durning a muiltipler that works also.

Now I still try to use the Strategic Quick Fight whenever I see a One Skull ship it all depends if I get a 2,3, or 4 times multiplier 

Now it will crash more often so if you do have alot of problems with the app crashing you might want to test it out and see how it goes.  Now how do you get them to dump fast you have to have fast fingers just keep going don’t repair ships until after you muiltipler is over because if its going to crash after all those wins it will almost forsure crash when you try to reepair them, just wait until right afterwards.  

Communication Is Huge

it’s very important that everyone communicates on which battles you plan on attending so other players can make adjustments to cover all battles so we can get as many points as we can.  and don’t forget if you have plans or will be busy just let us know so we can adjust also.  And remember every point counts toward your total and the teams total so if you  have just acouple minutes you can dump ships fast to get points during battle just to get a few points on the board, but this is just a optional option if you have time.


Fusing Equipment Together to create Stronger equipment

a guide for upgrading hauls to LV10. 

1. select the highest LV1 att/def haul2. select 3 LV 1 hauls with the lowest att/defHaul will now be LV9  514/578 finish the haul by fusing it with rusted cannons, splintered haul, basic cannons.


Boost Ships

#1 Keep your boost ships always voyaging.  It is a 10 hour voyage and gets you lots of boost over time These include: Astronomores Ballon, Bigfoot, Crystal Airship, King Arden, Mermaid Unicorn, Navagator, Philosophers Stone, Schrodingers Cat, Sea Witches, Tidal Wave, Stellar Schooner, 

#2 To get your boost ships, complete the quests associated with opening up new land in the other coves (pirate, mermaid and mystery) in the allotted 6 days.

- keep a few trees in mystery cove, left over from previous quest. Having some available without waiting for the explore process helps get started
- when starting the first explore know which hanging rocks they want you to tap
- when you get your first building to collect from, it usually collects every half hour. Do this,especially in the beginning, as promptly as possible
- don't upgrade your dingy until finished with your quest. Save the stones to upgrade your buildings as quickly as possible 
- explore and develop new land as quickly as possible to all the hanging rocks
- you may have to tap the hanging rocks several times before the drop their rewards. Keep tapping until you see the notice or a flash of light
- the seaweed will usually give you black pearls
- all the plants will occasionally give you rubies

Fleet Ship quest Tips & Tricks

#1. With your Master ship or your "top ship" you should be able to use the strategic Quick fight to get your first 10 to 12 wins without using any Ships at all.  Then use the strategic Quick fight button again to see how many skull ship your going against or ships strengh.  Use your weakest ship and press the strategic Quick fight button again to see how many times it would take to win it should be around 10 times 

#2. Reuse your best equipment over and over on all your ships. Would wait to do this until the opponent is very strong.

Warning: this can be slow and take more time, compared to usual fighting methods.
Warning: you will need to re-equip your fleet when finished. 
1. Place 3 very strong cannons on your best ship. You only use this ship for strategic fights or to see how strong your opponent is or to see how far you have come when fighting a very strong ship. This way you never repair this ship.
2. Next unequip your strongest cannons and hulls. Put this equipment on a ship that can't finish off your opponent (strategic fight says at least 2 repairs or 10 rubies or more). 
3. Use the quick fight. When you lose, hit the upgrade button (not the change ship button).
4. Now take off all your equipment and close the window.
5. Tap your opponent, hit attack and change to the ship you want. Put back on your best equipment to the new ship and repeat.
6. Use the strategic fight to make sure you will lose.
7. Use your best ship to finish off your opponent with the strategic fight.
8. When close to finishing off your opponent, you may want to use less strong equipment so if you actually win, you don't lose your best equipment.
9. Use the strategic fight button to decide if it is more effective to use 2 cannons/1 hull vs. 2 hulls/1 cannon. It will vary.
10. If you get unlimited repairs when you test it with the strategic button, use your 3 strongest cannons. You will still be doing significant damage to your opponent.
11. It may be more effective to use 3 cannons when you get a huge number of repairs (50) with the strategic button. You can play around with that and monitor it with the strategic fight with your strongest ship.

Points event Tips & Tricks

#1. Always send out ships on short voyage on thursday night to collect right away next day, send them out again and try to see if you can collect when there is a event versus multiplier either 2X or 3X will work, so you can take advantage of your ships and you can max out the ships much faster.  Note: this is very beneficial for when you are doing a points event along with fleet ship quest.  That way your ships are only tide up for a max of 1 day sometimes less.  I highly recommend this for members that also have lower amount of ships that don’t max out their ships.

Mermaid Spin quest for eqipment and ship

#1 “Warning” There is a chance you will loose Rubies and coins doing this quest but if you flat out buy a 3K ship it cost 349 rubies and with my experience with this quest the most rubies i have had to spend was around 250 but the was by far the worst I ever did  there are sometimes where I came out ahead and ended up with a free ship and extra Rubies, so you never know it’s kinda of a gamble.

First thing is to go into the Mermaid Cove, look for the mermaid that has the chest with the lowest coin for instance 1.22 Billion Coins 2 rubies and 6 rubies just like pictured below.  

FullSizeRender 2

Note: this is based on the level 90 if you are on a different level your coin total will be different.  Next thing is to choose either the Kelp Forest chest to coin spin or the Atlantis Chest 2 Ruby spin for your first 19 spins then On your 20th spin or "Free Spin” Always spin the Silver Supper 6 Ruby/color keys Chest and you will recieve your keys you will get anywhere from       8 to 44 keys or even Rubies you will need anywhere from 800 - 1200 Keys to get enough Golden Pearls to get the Ship. now depending on how much coins and rubies you have you can switch back and fourth, if you find that you have spinned one or the other like three or four times in a row and have not got much or have lost alot switch to the other chest for a couple spins. 

 Next go into the quest list go down to open chest I useually mostly open the second chest mostly because both the chest 1 and 3 gives out a lot of Black Pearls instead of Golden Pearls I feel thst the middle chest gives out more Golden Pearls for some reason.  again it’s a gamble sometimes even the second chest will give you Black Pearls to. You will have to see which one works for you the best. 

More tips coming soon….

To summit your tips and tricks, goto the contact us tab on top of this page in the subject line put what kind of tip or trick you are refering to like:  Battle tip, Fleet ship tip, points event tip, etc

in the body of the text put your entire tip in there and I will place it in the proper location.  If you want to use hyperlink to an external website thats fine also, but still give a brief explanation Of your tip so people know kinda what its about. 

if anyone has any questions feel free to let me or Santiago know so we can address it right away or get questioned answered.  

That goes for any problems withe the game to if you load your game and you notice your missing rubies, ships, equipment, etc. and yes if this happens either we or you can put a ticket in to PC to get it fixed ASAP they are not perfect at all and there are alot of bug’s in the game so just watch out for these things.  You work hard to save up rubies build up tough ships so we dont’t want to lose anything.

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There are three ways to earn equipment and boosts this weekend. (1). Earn points to place on the leaderboard - the higher your ranking, the better the prizes, (2). The 5 step quest where you earn points and complete the steps for rewards, and (3). The 8 step chest quest.

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